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This site is an educational resource that teaches how to create profitable, ethical and sex-positive products or services that help to improve the planet or society.

On this site, you will learn about sex as it relates to many aspects of society. Such as Sex and Religion or Sex and Politics. You can learn for your own personal or political growth or learn to be an ecosexual entrepreneur and enjoy a fun, sexy and rewarding business that makes the world a better place!

Sexual Substitutes: A Sex-Obsessed but not Sexual World

When we look at sexuality today, we see that the famous Sexual Revolution that began in the sixties has now stalled. After more than 50 years of feminism, women live in a world that is still overwhelmingly run by men.

To state the obvious, we are all a product of sex. It is our life force and how we use this powerful energy affects almost every aspect of our existence. Modern life surrounds us with "sexy" images. However, that does not make us more "sexual" in a way that is fulfilling. People talk about sex, read about it, and see it on all forms of media. However, they are not actually having much truly satisfying sex. As an article in Vox notes, sexual activity is decreasing and reported as unsatisfactory in many countries.

Adam and Eve - 19th Century. Sweden: Image Courtesy of

"Adam, Eve & the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge." Classical Swedish Erotica

Living in a sexy but not sexual world is rather like having a diet of junk food. Superficially it is fulfilling but it is not healthy on a deeper level. Lack of sexual satisfaction in people's lives leads to 'sexual substitution'. People engage in behavior such as compulsive shopping or even violence in order to fill the gap that is created from an unsatisfying love life.

This is NOT a politically correct website! We stand by our First Amendment rights to comment, be critical and suggest out-of-the-box 'solutions' in the world today. As we argue in Sexually Incorrect, dysfunctional sexuality is a root cause of many of the problems in the world today.

However, in most cultures, it is very difficult to have open, honest conversations about human sexuality. This is one of our main intentions; to encourage rather than stifle debate about sex and to offer practical solutions.

The Way It Could Be! 

This site is not just about showing problems in sex and society. It is also about creating sex positive entrepreneur solutions. However, the benefits and activism of sustainable sexuality are not only for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As an eco-sex entrepreneur, politician or activist, a person can address sexual dysfunction in human behavior. They can also feel empowered economically and sexually!

In times of high unemployment and world recession, working with sexuality in a positive way can be a very 'uplifting' experience! (pun intended!) Our goal is not just to describe the problems but to offer practical business-based solutions for the budding EcoSexual Entrepreneur or current Sex Worker.

We want different types of people to see ways that they can be part of, and benefit from, sexual solutions!

  1. Personal. By seeing how sexuality connects with social, religious and political problems in the world, there is a greater intellectual justification for living in a sex-positive way. It has been argued that the mind is the largest sexual organ. A sapiosexual is someone who is turned on by intelligence. Having 'big picture' conversations about sex is a great way to come to terms with one's own personal sexuality.
  2. Political. Politics is personal and that is very true when it comes to sexuality and politics. With greater awareness of big-picture issues as they relate to sexuality, people can either run for office on sex-positive platforms or support candidates who do. Many societies in the world take away sexual rights and freedoms in the name of 'morality'. As the LGBTQ rights movement has shown, sexuality is a political issue. And rights must be fought for.
  3. EcoSex Entrepreneur! An EcoSex Entrepreneur is a person creates a company (or simply thinks of practical solutions!) that works with sexuality yet addresses environmental or social issues. Make a living by making a difference! Sex is one of the great last untapped bastions for social entrepreneur capitalism. Social entrepreneurs address social and environmental issues through business. The same ethos can apply to an ‘EcoSex Entrepreneur’!

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One of the most sustainable ways to create the change you want to see in the world is to create an ethical business 'solution'!

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  2. EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Membership: Females and transgender women form the majority of sex workers of any country in the world. So gender equality is a cornerstone of being an ethical erotic entrepreneur! Included with your membership is free access to this site!
  3. 30-Minute EcoSex Entrepreneur Coach & Consultation: Once you have chosen an ethical erotic business idea, you can schedule a 30-minute coaching session to turn your idea into reality!

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