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“The greatest feminists have also been the greatest lovers. I'm thinking not only of Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley, but of Anais Nin, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and of course Sappho. You cannot divide creative juices from human juices. And as long as juicy women are equated with bad women, we will err on the side of being bad.” ― Erica Jong

Principles for being an Ethical EcoFeminist Erotic Entrepreneur!

1) Female Sexual Empowerment. 

The vast majority of sex workers in the world today are female or female-identified a fun

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damental principle of an ethical erotic enterprise is that it should be feminist and supportive of gender equality and female empowerment. A woman can be a feminist, sexy and sexual!

One of the great mistakes of the traditional feminist movement was to equate female sexuality and male desire with the 'objectification' and subjugation of women. While there is no doubt this happens, viewing female sexuality as a weapon in the war of the genders caused many men and women to shy away from feminism.

Sex positive feminism emphasizes women as victors and not victims! In the 'Slutwalks' that happen across the world the marchers tend to be young women. Their grandmother and mothers of traditional feminism often look on with disdain.

2) Female Physical empowerment.

Women who can defend themselves, tend to enjoy sex more! Unless she has submissive fantasies, when a woman feels weak and vulnerable she tends not to feel very sexual. Ironically, Hollywood is also one of the few sectors where strong, powerful and sexy women are celebrated. Personal power, self-defense, and all around ass-kicking are usually perceived as strong male traits.

Ironically, Hollywood which is often accused of chauvinism, has cultivated a culture of female 'warriors' that gives support to models of strong women. Sexually and physically, for the first time in centuries, women are celebrated for achieving success by their own marksmanship and violent prowess! Movies like Wonder Woman and Hunger Games with strong female charactars who are capable of defending themselves and yet retaining their 'femininity'. Judging by the attendance at the movies, both men, and women like these new 'Warrior Women' role models!

3) Female Sexual Equality benefits Men!

The way that traditional feminism approached sexuality was to make it a 'zero sum game'; the emancipation of women would come at the expense of men. In actuality when women are truly equal, men enjoy some major benefits. The sexuality of a 'liberated' woman compared to a woman from a strongly patriarchal culture is very apparent. Plus men get to be true fathers rather than just 'breadwinners'. Custody should be shared in divorce as the experience in Denmark shows which leads to more logical blended families.

4) A celebration of Gender Fluidity & Sexual Orientation.

Younger feminists talk about sexual orientation, queer rights, bisexuality and gender fluidity as part of feminism much to the exasperation of older feminists. However, younger women are completely right to go beyond the duality of two opposing genders. A feminism based on gender fluidity is ultimately more subversive. For example, when men feel less pressure to be 'men' with all that entails they can explore their 'feminine' side. Whether to become 'transgender' and completely change over or simply to wear feminine clothes and still be a straight guy it allows men and women to 'blur' the lines between genders. This is to the benefit of both as most people do not always feel purely as their gender. Men don't always want to feel like men and so too with women. The new feminism allows people to cross the gender lines.

5) Sex is not a politically correct activity or subject!

Many women have rape fantasies without wanting to actually be raped. Many women enjoy porn even though it is currently male-centric. The simple act of heterosexual sex is primal. It involves a woman opening up herself to be penetrated by a man. She is the receiver he is the thruster! The entire BDSM movement would be outlawed if sex were politically correct! Another non-PC idea is for a man to be 'penetrated' by a woman. Whether it's by her finger or a strap-on dildo, when a man knows what it means to be vulnerable and on the 'receiving end', it does more for his understanding of women than any amount of politically correct 're-education' can ever do!

6) An Economic & Philosophical Foundation for Polyamorous Households. 

With the increasing growth of the 'ethical monogamy' movement, people are wanting to live together in poly households. The problem is often economics and the simple effort it takes to survive and pay the bills in today's society is extremely taxing on any relationship and even more for polypods. EcoSexual Entrepreneurship as a way for a poly group to fund themselves through an ethically sensual business. Because poly people are already putting their sexuality at the forefront of their lives, it makes sense to work with sex in a way that improves society and is in alignment with the values of the pod. Ethical non-monogamists have to communicate and create clear agreements about their relationship responsibilities and boundaries especially when it comes to children and shared assets. Any ethical business has to do the same!

7) A New Ethical Model for Sex Work!

Prostitution, Pornography, Exotic Dancing are some of the main ways that sex is commercialized. While there are sexually empowered women and men working in these industries, the fact is there is a seedy aspect to all of them in their current form. That need not be so!

8) Creating products or services that improve happiness in humans by solving real sexual problems.

This is the most difficult part as it involves research into sexuality, politics, and sociology. This is what we have tried to do on this website. Research into the dysfunctional aspects of sex in the modern world and then suggest sustainable sensual enterprise solutions!

9) To derive income that sexuality that is pleasure based or removes pain.

From working with sexuality in a way that brings deeper happiness as opposed to shallow satisfaction.

10) To work with sexuality using the best business practices. 

Even if a sex business is controversial or skirting the edge of the law, an EcoSexual Entrepreneur should always try to obey all other aspects of the law particularly when it comes to health and safety.

11) Become part of the political process.

This is especially true if your sensual enterprise is on the edge of or actually breaking the law of the country in which you live. Though this may be more difficult in authoritarian countries, try to work through the political process and make that part of your business plan to make your sensual enterprise truly legal. In this way, working to change the law becomes a taxable expense!

12) Treat workers well and fairly.

By giving benefits, reasonable working conditions and health care if possible. Or in the case of volunteers, using a fair trade system for work contributed.

13) Proudly Pay Taxes!

Insofar as is legally possible, pay applicable taxes and demand your rights and recognition as a taxpayer.

14) Adopt Green Business Practices.

Use environmentally friendly policies and supplies at all levels which you do your business. And try to persuade your suppliers and contractors to do the same.

15) Adopt a Cause.

If your sex business is not directly helping people then devote part of your profits to a cause that does. For example, "10% of the profits go to Rape Crisis Shelters".

15) Ethical Public Relations

By adopting good business practices, eco-policies, treating workers well and so on you are actually creating news! One of the most important aspects of doing the right thing is that it is one of the best forms of advertising around! Especially in this world of social media!

16) Create a Mission Statement!

Clearly define how your business will address social issues, gender inequality and make money!

EcoSex Entrepreneur Member Benefits

One of the most sustainable ways to create the change you want to see in the world is to create an ethical business 'solution'!

Your payment of $75 includes the following Adult Education Resources:

  1. Sexually Incorrect & Sustainable Sexuality. Continually updated research on the various areas of sexual dysfunction in the world. Includes royalty-free ideas for products or services that use sexuality to help resolve them.
  2. EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Membership: Females and transgender women form the majority of sex workers of any country in the world. So gender equality is a cornerstone of being an ethical erotic entrepreneur! Included with your membership is free access to this site!
  3. 30-Minute EcoSex Entrepreneur Coach & Consultation: Once you have an ecosex business idea, schedule your 30-minute coaching session to help turn your idea into reality!

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