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EcoSexual Entrepreneur was managed by the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community. Hedonisia was a sustainable 'eco-tourist' & 'ecofeminist' community located in the lush rainforests of Hawaii island.

In May 2018, the Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed the Hedonisia community. After leaving Hawaii due to the destruction of my home and community in the recent volcanic eruption, Community Director Mojo, moved to Portland. where he started an apartment based 'Micro-Community'!

Portland OR, a laboratory of alternative sexual lifestyles!

Portland is one of the most ethical, progressive and sex-positive cities in the world today. Aside from the many erotic venues, there are many discussion groups and workshops. These meetups create a support environments where  issues and problems that arise in poly relationships can be discussed.

Regular discussion groups allows us the ability to create an infrastructure of language and principles to guide these brave new relationships.

Portland Slutwalk 2016

Portland Femme Power! Slutwalk 2016!

Based on his travels around the world, Mojo believes that Portland is one of the most ethically sex positive cities he has ever lived in. And he's lived in wonderful progressive places like Berlin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen!

Poly people here are pioneers defining new norms for relationships and it is exciting to be part of that discussion in the most progressive poly city in the world!

From our new base in Portland we offer a number of Community, Activist, Feminist, Environmental and Sex Positive educational and volunteer web-based resources with our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio.

If you have related skills, education or experience you may apply to work as a Volunteer, Intern and specialize in EcoSex Entrepreneur Writing & Research!


EcoSex Entrepreneur Member Benefits

One of the most sustainable ways to create the change you want to see in the world is to create an ethical business 'solution'!

Your payment of $75 includes the following Adult Education Resources:

  1. Sexually Incorrect & Sustainable Sexuality. Continually updated research on the various areas of sexual dysfunction in the world. Includes royalty-free ideas for products or services that use sexuality to help resolve them.
  2. EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Membership: Females and transgender women form the majority of sex workers of any country in the world. So gender equality is a cornerstone of being an ethical erotic entrepreneur! Included with your membership is free access to this site!
  3. 30-Minute EcoSex Entrepreneur Coach & Consultation: Once you have an ecosex business idea, schedule your 30-minute coaching session to help turn your idea into reality!

EcoSex Entrepreneur Membership!
$75 for 1-year Member Access

Introductory Offer: $13 for 10-Days Access!